"If you need a team to work with children or lead in worship or in some other 'helping ministry.' I recommend you consider them. They have been very intentional about establishing their ministry after researching the needs and are serious about serving workers in a sensitive way. They do not come in to 'do their own thing.' Rather their approach is to listen to workers and serve according to the need."

-Chuck Sutton former Director of Training and Resources

Diane- Faith Academy Manila

Diana Muenzenberger- Faith Academy Manila

"I looked you guys up on the Internet before the conference fearful that World Team might have gotten a "light-gospel" type group to nanny the kids. No, from what I saw and heard, my young men heard the gospel and got Biblical teaching. Thank you so much!"

-Craig C. Missionary Budapest

"Tychicus Ministries is a special bunch of people! They're flexible, gracious and above all servants. They tackled a kids program that was a great success, and organized and led the music for our conference with skill and enthusiasm. I greatly appreciated the way in which they integrated themselves into our program, adding their gifts to ours in order to serve us better. Highly recommended!"

- Mike Scott Missionary Cameroon

Having a small team from Tychicus Ministries visit us was like a breath of fresh air. Missionary life in Haiti is challenging and demanding. The team encouraged us an served us and their involvement gave our family time to focus on each other-plus we had a lot of fun with the team!

‚ÄčThe team served our family in such simple, but special ways. They babysat our kids, painted a mural on the wall of our children's bedroom, did some home repairs and led our missionary community in worship. Their only agenda in coming was to serve in anyway they could. We look forward to when they can come again.

-Sean Christensen Missionary Haiti

"Thank you so much for coming back to Bali to teach us again. Every lesson I was completely tuned in and convicted by what you shared. Every single lesson this week related to me and what I have been dealing with in my life or helping out in a friend's life. The idea of nailing our sins and failures to the cross really liberated me from a sin that I have not been able to get rid of no matter how much I pray. I have not even thought about that sin since we nailed it to the cross because I truly feel like I was forgiven and that I can be free from those things. Thank you for praying for us and bringing us candy! Have a safe flight and you both have inspired me to really live out my faith, especially with my friends!"

-TCK youth conference attendee